A clean home comes one step at a time.

Quickly DeClutter

Sometimes we just need a list to follow to keep our minds from wondering.  This list will be the beginning of your de-cluttering journey.

Company's Coming?!?

Follow the Quick Clean List and your home will be presentable in no time!

Quick Tips

I've also included a list of miscellaneous tips that have helped our family keep on top of things.

About Our Family

About The Waggoner's

Hi! We are the Waggoner’s and we are a family with thirteen children (we keep Mom and Dad locked in the closet) that we homeschool and raise. The goal of this website is to show you that raising a large family is super fun and not as hard as it seems.

The ages of our children range from 15 months to 23 years old. Life in our house starts at 5:00 in the morning and ‘officially’ ends at around 10:30pm. While our home is never quiet or still at any time of the day, we are usually able to hear ourselves over each other (unless the piano is being played).

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About Mom

Who am I?

Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to include a little introduction about myself so you would know who it is that’s writing to you. After all, why should I be telling you about raising a large family unless I have some experience in it, right?!?

First off, I’m the mother of 13 biological children. Yes, that’s right, we have 13 children. 

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